Key Largo
needs a
Dinghy Ramp!
Every year thousands and thousands of dollars cruise right on by Key Largo on the bay side, to anchor in Islamorada, or Marathon, or Key West.

Commonly, Cruisers will use the Florida Keys as their jump off point for the Bahamas' and Caribbean. This usually requires a stocking up on supplies, food and water, spare parts, etc

Cruisers that are visiting the Keys will pass Key Largo for the middle and lower keys, where they can anchor out, or use a mooring ball, and dingy to shore for restaurants, bars, grocery stores, car rentals, supplies, etc..

All these dollars are cruising by Key Largo, less than a quarter mile from shore bayside, thru Tarpon Basin.

Since we have lost the Quay, we have NO official access for cruisers in Key Largo,, NONE!
Email , write and call our County Commissioners, our local government officials, and tell them we need a shore Bayside access for cruises in Tarpon Basin!
Other places to email to help Key Largo


Key Largo Chamber of commerse
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Some good new, Key Largo now has a terd tug! A pump out boat will come to you in the waters of Key Largo if you call 305-451-8044
Just to settle the argument that cruisers don't spent money, this is our stop in Ft. Meyers for restocking. We spent over $500, plus the rental car. Cruisers going to the Bahamas would typically spend much more!
Email or write our county commissioners.

George Garret
Marine resource officer   email

Sylvia Murphy305-852-7175  email

Mario De Gennaro  305-289-6000 email

Charles McCoy  305-292-3430   email

George Nugent   305-872-1678  email

Dixie Spehar     305-292-3440    email

To email the Dinghy committee to help us out with getting the dingy dock for Key Largo click below:
In the mean time, we do have a spot you can come it to shore by dinghy, which is located in Tarpon Basin. It's nothing hear perfect, however, it is close to Publix and K Mart (3 tenths of a mile) and walk able to KLI hardware store, restaurants, and a bar or two.

This spot is a  public road right of way, that goes all the way to the water. It is located on the southern shore of Tarpon Basin, in the subdivision Key Largo Trailer Village, and is at N 25 06.928 and W 80 25.536. We also marked this spot on on their charts.

Its rocky, has a small rock beach, but will work for you. I went to the Florida Keys Monroe County site, and checked, this is a pubic right of way, so you are entitled to go there.  Don't let anyone tell you different. 

If you need to walk you dog, we have marked "Dog Walk Island" also on

As an alternative to Tarpon Basin, you can use the mooring balls in Largo Sound, by Pennekamp Park.  This would also give you access to shore side facilities, though not as close.

You can use Adams cut, which runs thru Key Largo from Blackwater Sound to Largo Sound, has a 4 Ft. minimum Depth, and an air Clearance of 14 ft. under the US1 bridge. I took my 44 Marine trader thru there many times.

Currents can run stiff  in the cut, but they are manageable.