Today we had a miles stone. I started putting the "stuff' back on the boat.
Which means,  it won't be long, and the Lady will be back cruising again, and so shall we!! Damn am I ready!
So keep in touch, keep watching this site, soon we will be "on the road" again!

New Key Largo Dingy Docks!!
New  Key Largo Pump out Boat!
Finally, Key Largo now had dinghy docks and a pump out boat!!!
both are located at the above pictured Government Center, and the phone for the pump out boat  is 305-747-2388
The location of the Facility is on the East side of Tarpon Basin, mm 1140 on the ICW, and can be found also on  www.ActiveCaptain.com 
Did I mention I am selling this 19 passenger USCG certified tour boat for $22,500 obo??

Looks like we are outa here on Tuesday May 4th..

Won't be long now!!!
Finally, we have left Key Largo!! Not a better feeling than getting off the rock for a while. Here is our new bridge , replacing the old bascule bridge, on Jewfish creek, as we are leaving the Keys.
As soon as we go under the Jewfish creek Bridge, we are "outa here!"
Approaching Boca Chita, Tonites home,a realy neat Federal Park Marina, $20 a nite, protected, buggy, beautiful.
The Sterling Lady, Where's Linda, and Hook Em, and crew all partied, bbq'd  and slept at Boca Chita.

The next am, all three crew had pot lock breakfast under the pavallioin.
And as all things consumed on a boat, it was GREAT! and we had million dollar vistas~!!!
As always, the view approaching Miami is spectacular.
We passedThe Tikki Beach is a floating barge pushed by a tug,  party boat, running out of Miami.
My very good friend John, on the Hook Em, was still out fishing, so we anchored off the miami outboard club to wait for him. Why>?? because he is an x comodore, and was getting us free dockage, and you know how cruisers love free dockage?? It's almost as good as sex!!
This was our view off the port side, a cruise ship docked in the port of Miami. kewl.
Our free dock was just behind Star Island, home of Sylvester Stallon, and Madonna. We literally had a Millionaires view of Miami, for free!!
By the way, while we were waiting for Capt. John to arrive, Chaulk, the seaplane airline, was practising touch and go landings at the Port of Miami! Note the seaplane BELLOW the buildilngs.
Today, We led the Pack heading north.
As you can see in this blury picture, It got a bit shallow just  south of the hills bourough inlet.
Our very good friends, and fellow travelers,John and Sue , on Hook Em.
Tonite we slept at Hollywood Municipal Marina, a relativly inexpensive place off $ea$on.
This Morning, we all walked across the bascule bridge at hollywood to the boardwalk area, for Breakfast, in 90 degree heat by the way.
The Beaches of Hollywood
The Boardwalk of Hollywood Florida, a piece of old florida.
Breakfast was a deal by the way, and the  view was oceanfront
Approacing Port Everglades, Ft. Lauderdale, the Yacht Express was loading up 15 Mega Yachts, to be shipped to Panama, for a fee of around $18,000 each.
The Mega Yachts, staging to enter the Yacht Express
An empty ship awating cargo at Port Everglades.
Crossing Port Everglades inlet.
A quaint Ft. Lauderdale home.
Lauderdale is American Decadence , at it's best.

A retro Old school condo, from the  60,s  no doubt.
We stayed at the Municipal Marina, $1 a food, walked over one block to the beach, and found a bar with huge 2 for one drinks!
happy mothers day!
Approaching West Palm Beach.
Spent the nite at Two Georges, and today we are heading up to Rivera Marina (1.50 a foot) so we can dingy over to Peanut Island to meet Judys daughters for a Mothers day Raft up.
West Palm has added free docks for acess to the down town area. Unfortunatly, you can not stay overnite on them. Just for day use.
There is a new Marina in West Palm Beach. Kinda empty however.
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We secured the boat, loaded up the dinghy, and motored across the icw to Peanut Island for the raft up

Judy and her daughter Vicki getting cooled down.

Chris brought this huge floating trampoline . The idea is to jump from the trampoline, on the white pillow, hurling the guy sitting on the white pillow into the air.
Kinda dumb but fun.
Yep, that's me in the hat. I tried it, twice, unsuccessfully.
The day ended at the local tiki bar, next to the Marina, with dinner and drinks.
These are the docks at Riviera Marina. Old, badly designed, hard to get on and off of you boat during low tide, but cheapest in the area, and close to P Nut island. (that's P Nut in the background)

As we left passing P Nut island, the hundreds of boats that were in the anchorage raft up area were all gone , cept for the Pizza boat, still open for business.

We passed two classic boats today. Too bad they are made from wood.

With our late start, we dropped the hook in Pecks Lake around 4 pm.
Had an early dinner, and took the dink over to the beaches for some shelling.
Went exploring in the dink and found this unusually differnt boat name.. which turned out to be.......
A bad way to hang the ring...
The vast exspance of the Indian River, on our way to Vero Beach Municipal.
Pete and Linda, from the MV "Where's Linda" we at Vero, so we rented a mooring ball, filled our water tank, and took the dinghys to the Riverside Cafe Bar, under the bridge.
They no longer do two for one's., but the prices are very reasonable for Happy Hourz. (cept for the guy on the right).
Uncle Bob's Used Mega Yacht Euporium!