More Aventures and Stuff
The Sterling Lady
Getting back to the crusing aventure in 19 days, that is, is the 100 plus boat in the shed in front of me (the Lady is in the Back of the shed) at winter Harbor, Brewerton NY get outa the *&%^T*& way!
Anyway, plan A is in 19 days, May 15th.
Last nite after happy hours we took one of my tour boats thru the mangrove tunnel at nite, and caught this dragon fly out eating bugs.
Same spot as above, but in the day light.
Yesterday, they opened the Erie canal, early!
 Good sign they might get the boats out of my way in the shed so we can splash on the 15th!
Had a pod of 7 manatee in the canal by the house, I figure they were on their migratioin north and stoped in for a drink, literally!
Count em, there's 7 there.
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Road Trip
I rented a Dodge Grand Caravan from Enterprise, one way from Key Largo to Syracuse N.Y, for 7 day for $145!!  No kidding.
This is the tunnel we are driving thru UNDER Baltimore Harbor, on our way back to the boat.
The Dodge Caravan is a perfect car for loopers. Both rows of back seats fold down into the floor, allowing floor to ceiling packing of all our "stuff", and we have a lot of stuff as you can see.
The Lady was housed in this , one of two heated buildings, at Winter Harbor, a mere 1500 miles  and  4 days from home.
In the slings ready for splash.
After charging the batteries for a bit, the Starboard Engine started, surged a little, then was fine. The port Engine fired right up.
Two days of unpacking way too many boxes, and we are in the slip. 
There is a very good reason for the aft cabin head to be in the saloon . Last nigh my Kraper took a krapper, and on a Sunday too, so now I have to wait till Monday, just to get the new head ordered.
This is real cruising, fixing your boat in Exotic Places!!
This was Saturday Nite in Brewerton,
Seems, the local locksmith, pictured here on the left, has a date waiting for him in his car parked outside the 7-11.

Look closely at his date,,seems she is a mannequin!
Fun in Brewerton I suppose.
yep, we are definatly cruising now!!
The local Price Chopper had Clams on sale, 100 for $11, so we had an impromptu get together on the aft deck.
Winter Harbor needed the space , so we left at 8 am, bought some fuel, and headed out towards Oswego. 
<-----Love the old light posts at these really old locks!
Got our $75 seasonal pass for all the NY state lock  systems.
The NY canal system tug Syracuse entered the locks as we left.
Leave the lock, make a right at the Owswego river, travel 2.7 miles to......................
The free docks at Phoenix! free electric, water, and the bridge house brats.
Very nice well kept docks.