May 2010 Voyage to Nowhere
In the AM we passed Jones Fruit Dock, a traditioinally cheap place to stay. Unfortunatly its not much more that an exposed to wakes dock, with electric, nothing else is there.
Up this river , off the ICW , just north of Sebastian, is where I bought the lady, 5 years and 19,500 miles ago.
Turning off the ICW onto the Banana River Canal, headed for cheap fuel and dockage at Harbor town Marina.
We were here, two years ago, the Marina was full.
This time, it's about a third empty. We had dinner here to "contribute" to the local economy.
This guy was on the rail this AM drying his wings.
The only thing I hate worse than bildge day , is Laundry day, and today was laundry day. so while the chlothes were washing, a walk around the marina found this  guy, sunning himself at the pond.
Last nite we had dinner, and drinks with Mike and Melisa from FullStep, and Pete and Linda from Where's Linda.
Mike and Melisa live here full time, and are headed up to the Chesapeake in June.
We are headed today to Tittusville Municipal Marina, because tomorrow, at 230 , there is a sceduled shuttle launch from the Cape.
So for the next 2 or 3 days, the lady will sleep at slip D 138. Come on by.
Today was take a walk day. Walked to West Marine, It is gone. So we walked around the Marina. Found this sign which will hopefully FINALLY define idle, no wake and resume speeds.
While walking the docks, saw a couple of manatees mateing. I know this cause it was pretty obvious which manatee was the male!
Did I mention it was walking day? We because of the traffic Jam , due to the shuttle being launched today, we walked the 2 miles in the Florida heat to the Moose lodge, which as you can see is directly across the ICW from the launch site.
This is the B 4 launch picture and....
This is the "just before" picture of the same area. Bit more crowded.
Blast off!!!
As is always the case, after a Launch, the traffic takes about 2 hours to clear, so we left the Moose, and went to La bamba for drinks and dinner.
Judy's friend Janet, from Key Largo, came up to watch the launch using her son's tricked out Camaro.
We called here "the little ol lady from North key largo"
Go granny, go granny go granny go!