Artsy Fartsy Stuff on the Florida ICW
"Just goes to show, just because you have money, don't mean you have taste!"
Capt. Jim Borbon Marathon Fl.
Enter our "artsy Fartsy" on the ICW contest, and win $1.83, a lifetime membership in the Lake Surpise Yacht Club of Key Largo, plus other valuable prizes!

Email us with "Artsy Fartsy" or "Artsee Fart see"
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Feel free to reporduce these, just give me a credit,, or not.
Recipe for

by Dodie Hansen

one half shot amaretto
one half shot baileys
One shot Capt. Morgan spicey rum
Fill remainder of cup with hot coffee

Two of these in the AM will Jump start your day
Unfortunatley, now, the Dragon, at dragon point, is history. (latest rumor, it may be rebuilt)
This tacky million dollar house is right on the Ft. Lauderdale ICW, belongs to Screw Magazine.
PICTURE UPDATE: the finger has been removed but we are leaving this pic up!
Not sure what this "Miami" sculpure is , but ain't it ?
A godess showing abit of leg,
amongst other things.
The Southern "greek" White house?
How many statues does it take?.
Some kind of a Blue thing??.
Miami's Hard Rock Cafe
Before hurricane Wilma
Le Tub in Hollywood , where you can eat sitting in a bath tub bench seat, or dine on a toilet.
A metal thing
kinda artsy, don't ya think?
Something riding Something.
lady liberty.
More Statues.
Pink yard Flamingos, there not just for trailers anymore.
Sign on condos sayd "from 4.5 million, 75 % sold."
This was expesive when we first posted the page. not any more!
Seems Neptune has his own fresh water pool on the ICW
The old salt with standard issue parrot.
Ugly Spitting dolphins
white boy fishing (afrimative action?)
My personal favorite artsy fartsy thing.
Betya can't figure out where this one is?
"girl on point?"
A fake helocopter on the roof, no kidding!
3 really doofy looking dolphin
And this would be a "white thing"
" The Salt dome"  photo by Grandma Rosalie
The Statue at the Rockpile,
Photo by Granma Rosalie.
The pink house
Photo by Grandma Rosalie
The Key Largo Flamingo Express
Weddings of the Florida Keys.
At least he is not pink!.
Cruising Guides for Boaters
Largo Cargo, Key largo's Artsy Fartsy pirate store.

Sleeping with
The MV Maid of Steel on the Loop
Picture by Margret of MV Maid of Steel
This boat building has become...
Clinical Basic Skin Care
Keys Dive boat (where else).
No annimals were harmed in the making of this page!
We want more pictures! Send them to us!!!
While your in the St. Lucie lock, at high water, look south. This is in the yard of the house just south of the locks.
Also At the House south of St. Lucie Lock
Funky thing at the Ft. Pierce Marina
FT. Pierce Marina (excuse the thumb!)
Floating Artwork in Boot Key
More from Book Key maybe a Different artist?
Black person fishing
(politcally correct)
Not really on the ICW, on the St. Johns.
After Wilma's Rath!
After Hurricane Wilma, the Helocopter is gone.
Now we present, a tribute to
The pigs of Venice, FL
Courtesy of Bill and ruth aboard the MV Integrity

MV Integrity
It' the grass it's pointing at. Cute huh?
The new "Look of Key Largo" a hummer in front of the $500, 000 1974 single wide!
the Great Loop Cruiser page
If the dock isn't lighted,
and the sign isn't lighted....
As aposed to a deep shoal?
...This to make room for more stinkin condo's
Big Bird stalks small woman.
Capt. Sterling's
If you have any Artsy Fartsy Pics to ad, please send them to
Capt. Sterling at
Not really on the ICw , but on the Erie Canal, brockport N.Y.
a piece of Atrsy Fartsy so Fantastic, It deserves an mention, at the very least.

What the F*uk is this???