The Sterling Lady on
America's Great Loop
for the 2nd time!
7/24/09 continued
At Lock 6, the town of Frankford, knowing how much cruisers will spend when the come to a town,  put in Electric for us to use while mooring.
The lockmaster claims his revenue has doubled because of it.
This AM, the weather Gods are smiling upon us!
Ranny Falls, the first double flight lock, raises us 48 feet.
AGLCA will probably want this pic for their cover.
Approaching Cambleford, this man made portion of the waterway was once again, above street level
Which is the real tooney??.
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Cambleford Park is a great stop. Close to shopping, restaurants, laundry, and Canadian Tire complete with water , electric and WiFi for $1.25 a foot!!
As you can see on the lock walls this AM, these water unfortunately have a Zebra Mussel problem.
The lockmaster's at 14 made this planter from a retired row boat adeptly names "Done Rowin"
Canadian flags are everywhere!
The Hastings lock, tonite home, has a swing bridge that must be open for boats to pass.
1,100 people reside in Hastings, and they have the absolute BEST pizza , at the Italian Restaurant, right by the swing bridge.
Approaching this bridge there is apparently No Opening....
But there is.
The wind picked up by mid morning, and we were crossing HUGE (21 miles long) rice lake. Finally the marker taking us off the lake appeared.
The Otonabee River is narrow, protected and very pretty
At lock 19, Scott Mills, the ducks rush in as the gates are closing to lock up with the boaters,,and of course, look for handouts.
Around 12:30 we tied up to the mooring wall at lock 19, Petersbourgh.
Did the path, railroad track and bridge to town, then remembered it's Sunday, and most everything was closed cept the grocery store, so we bought a few things, and it spit rain on us all the way back to the boat.
<-----------Remember the really expensive, don't work for squat West Marine over priced grill I have on board.........
On my last visit to Canadian Tire (like a home depo without lumber) I purchased the cheap $30 propane grill. I am happy to report it works great, even in the wind. We will be using this for the remainder of this trip.
Today we will travel  thru the Peterborough lock!
This is the "pan" full of water, that the boats pull into , and then lifted 65 feet straight up!
This is the pan in the lower position.
Look Janet, I have been putting the dates in EVERY DAY!!------->
We made this mornings 8:30 first lock up, and stoped at the Liftlock Museum for a look see.
After the museum, we pulled up to the Blue line, to wait for our turn to load in the Peterborough Lift lock. Even though I had done this once before, you can't help but feel the excitement  of having you boat lifted 65 feet in the air, straight up!!
There were a group of 5 27 footish boats traveling together, and us, tied to the sides of the pan, anticipating the lift up.
The view out back from the bottom....
And the view from the top, 65 ft. in the air!!
The view straight down from the side of the boat, looking over the edge of the pan.
And at the top.
And the view looking back at the edge of the world. Hope you enjoyed the ride as much as we did!
Because of the proximity of the locks, and we had to all caravan together due the the 6 pmh speed, we traveled only 9 miles in 5 hours.
Our caravan of 6 boats, with dinghys, exactly filled the locks.
After a busy day, we all tied up on the mooring wall at lock Lock 26, Lakefield.
It's a short walk to town across the waterway, with a spectacular view!
And the town has an IGA.
Trailer park trash, on the water, passed us today.
This early morning picture is actually upside down.
Early AM on the Lakesfield lock wall.
At Lock 27, Young's Point, there is a pretty nifty Gift shop.
Next comes "Hells Gate" which, is to fantastic, I am just gonna post the pictures, and let them speak for themselves.,,, pretty much.
Keep in mind , these all are islands, or boulders.
If only I could find the words to express how incredible this part of the trip is!!